Texas Fishing 和 Boating

In this section, you will find important Texas fishing 和 船ing resources that include Texas fishing reports, Texas fishing regulations, how to get your Texas 船ing license, places for 船 storage, 和 where to take a 船er’s safety course. Learn more about Texas fishing licenses船 registrations.

Texas fishing 和 船ing

Texas Fishing

With over 6,700 lakes 和 reservoirs, 377 miles of coastline 和 36 rivers to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities for fishing in Texas.

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Get a Texas Fishing License

Buying a fishing license is the first & most important step for any angler. Get more information.

Texas Boating

Get started 船ing in Texas, 船ing resources, take a 船er’s safety course. Find more info about how to register your 船.

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Register A Boat In Texas

Registering your 船 is easier than you think. Get information about how to register your 船.

Fishing 和 Boating Events in Texas